Monday, September 8, 2008

Wiseman's 7th September 08

Things I learnt: The Coleman propane lantern top gets VERY hot indeed after it's been burning a few hours. Blistered fingers to prove this. Also, it is best to take a torch with you if you need to 'go' in the middle of the night.
Yahtzee: No yahtzee! was played on this trip.

After rain, rain, rain for 24 hours we canned all our fine camping plans for this weekend. Despite the excitement of the completion of the "Troopy pimping" even we couldn't face the conditions ( I know, I know very soon we won't have the luxury of this choice). As the sun came out on Sunday we seized the opportunity and decided to head to one of Andy's favourite camp sites in Dharug NP near Wiseman's Ferry.

After a quick and expensive detour to Rays Outdoors we were off.

Troopy additions;
Brand new Engel 39L fridge/freezer - which is an absolute gem and will chill to 50C below ambient. Woohoo cold beer wherever we go.
Storage solution a la Black Widow roller drawers and fridge slide
Back step mounted with jerry can holder and wheel carrier (currently have the wrong plate so we are sans 2nd wheel - someone forgot to count the nuts) and spiky metal things that will quickly put a hole in your shin (like mine at the moment)
75L water bladder that sits on the floor behind our seats - hope she doesn't get a hole in because we'll be thirsty and wet.

Due to the wonderful weather conditions over the previous few days we had the whole campsite to ourselves until we were joined by Robert - an ex Navy Engineer - just after dark. He shared our fire which was a very, very good one and we chatted happily for a few hours. Prior to his arrival we had the joyous company of Brush Turkeys (heinous creatures)

and one great big wombat.

Was nice to get out of town even if only for the night giving us a much needed chance to figure out our spatial constraints. Lesson learnt: put the stuff you think you might need first in last!

A very pretty spot especially after this rain as the creek was flowing. Putting the troopy on the punt to cross the river is still a novelty for me. This small trip was also the scene of my Troopy initiation (not entirely true as have driven it a couple of hundred meters on a couple of occasions previously) and I took the wheel from Wiseman's Ferry to the camp grounds. She's a big girl, definitely got to give it more onions than the Toyota Starlet I've been hooning around in, but I'm sure we're going to be great friends. New respect to Andy for driving it in the city.

Roof top tent is the bomb - camp 100% set up within 40 mins of arriving.

We have just 3 weeks to go now - and then we won't need to turn around and come back.