Sunday, August 24, 2008

Trial Trek - Watagan Mountains 23/24 Aug 08

Things we learnt: The JBL iPod thingy takes the tiny AAA batteries not AA.
Yahtzee scores: VJ 1519 v Payniac 1145 over 5 games.

After picking the troopy up on friday arvo with newly appointed living quarters a.k.a rooftop tent we were itching to get on the road. I would've liked to put her up and sleep in it on Prospect - in hindsight I'm glad Andy held fast with a NO! Early night friday night so we could get going early doors on Sat. Made pretty good time up to Palmdale where we tuned onto the first of the "easy" rated 4wd tracks we were to encounter. Stopped the troopy for the inaugural engaging of the hubs and up we went.

Easy!?!? Admittedly the book was published ~15 years ago. Even some road names had changed - making navvos more than a little challenging. Some yelling and blaming and a no through road....all good though, we were back on track in no time. The roads were washed out in some places and little more than rough tracks in others...but fun and we bounced into "The Basin" camping area mid morning. A pretty walk by the creek and rock lilies to warm us up after lunch. Another big feature definitely dirt bikes - lucky we don't like to sleep in.

Putting up the new tent was heaps of fun and easier than 123. Getting it packed away also a dream(almost). Comfy and solid and on top of the world. The ladder a scary negotiation in the middle of the night after one too many cups of wine before bedtime though. And was it dark? Could not, and I know I am prone to exaggeration, see my hand in front of my face - ask Andy. It was dark. And cold. Not raining though.

Despite previous camping misadventures we found this time the only things that were lacking were extra pillows and milk crates. Sorry to disappoint.
A super weekend away and it's VERY hard to believe that in 5 weeks this will be our everyday.


jackbrand said...

Have a wonderful trip. Great rig! Love the snake, croc, dingo proof tent. Will tune in every so often to see how it's going. I remember an incredible sense of freedom as you pull out of Sydney and head off with so much time in front of you. Enjoy.

Deano said...

Enjoy every moment of your Aussie adventure - even when you can't see the person laying next to you in bed!
Andy - take a Gatorade bottle with you to bed. Ness - bedpans don't make good sleeping companions. Is there a contraption on the market for the fairer sex, besides ladders in the dark? Have FUN no matter where you find yourselves. Love Deano