Thursday, January 29, 2009


*The weeks weather!

We are staying in Torquay at the moment, a beautiful spot right on the main surf beach. After seeing the forecast for this week we decided not to dilly dally with camping inland and headed straight for the coast. Torquay is also conveniently the gateway to the Great Ocean Road which is the next leg of this adventure.
Tomorrow we go west!

We spent a pretty hot and dusty Australia Day afternoon at the Mansfield Hotel watching the SA's thrash us in the cricket. Mansfield was flying its colours with flags, balloons and small children with the obligatory Aussie flag transfer-tattoos. There were also a lot of guys dressed as dogs (think a dog version of the paddle pop lion) - which we never really got to the bottom of. They looked very hot.

I am writing this in the camp kitchen while Payniac's at work (!) in Melbourne for the day. Really not sure how his day will be as it was 38C in Melbourne at about 11am this morning. Many trains have been cancelled due to the heat so I don't know when I'll see him again. It's too hot for me or the computer outside which is why I am in here.
Below are some images of where I'll be going once the air doesn't hurt to breathe anymore. For those in Sydney that New Years Day a couple of years when the mercury hit 40+, it feels exactly like that. The surf beach is lovely and at the moment there's not much of a swell. I had a bit of a bash on an old bodyboard I poached from Mum & Dad last time we went through and am thinking of hiring a surfboard this arvo - we'll see.

*Check out the colour of that sky!
*A hint of the coastal scenery we are to expect in the coming days as we follow the Great Ocean Road.

Due to general inactivity and the heat forcing us to lay like broccoli there really isn't much news or new photos at all.

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