Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Monkey Mia

We spent one night at the world famous Monkey Mia Resort - famous for the dolphins that come into the beach daily for a free breakfast rather than for any reasons of luxury.

*Sunrise over Monkey Mia. Was far too excited to sleep in. I actually had a nightmare that I slept in until 9 and missed the dolphins altogether. Andy thought this hilarious.

We were told to be on the beach for 730-745 for the main dolphin event so naturally I went down about half an hour earlier. I was rewarded by
sharing half a dozen dolphins frolicking in the shallows with only a dozen or so other early morning types. This quickly changed into the circus we'd been warned about.

*The dolphins of Monkey Mia.

We hired a kayak for an hour and paddled up the coast which was lovely. Saw a few sharks, a green turtle and a whole bunch of eagle rays - they look like underwater bats.

*A funny snap of a pelican trying to drink from a sprinkler.

*The no-shade, no-protection-from-the-wind terrain of Shark Bay.

A very short entry as it only really covers one day in this HUGE adventure. We are now just over half way through our trip, 6 months in, 6 to go. We've clocked just over 26,500kms in that time and have a lot of big drives ahead of us. We are still learning, we're still being challenged and still finding out there are pieces of kit we need. The coastal wind warning for Carnarvon to Kalbarrie for the last 3 days has really tested us, the solution generally being a small compromise on comfort.

We are currently in Carnarvon. From here we're heading to Red Bluff - a great spot by all accounts and then to Coral Bay by the end of the week. The whale sharks are here already!

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