Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Journey / route so far

A little hard to see but here is a google earth (clicking on it will bring up a bigger picture) of where we've stayed each night other than where I've forgotten to take the GPS point.

We've now covered around 9,000kms at around 7km/l. Luckily the world going to hell in a handcart is having a pleasing impact on the price of diesel and even the mortgage payments are coming down. Long live capitalism.

After so long without any ocean we were pretty stoked to pull up at Port Germein on the Spencer Gulf in SA. Port Germein apparently has the longest wooden jetty in Australia at around 1.5kms. The reason it's so long is that is how far the tide goes out. It's now 38 degrees but being low tide I can only just make out the sea on the horizon, reminiscent of popular UK holiday destination Weston-Super-Mud, an would surely expire before I got out there. Despite our appetite for the ocean being unsatisfactorily satisfied (although it was a top sun set last night) we're going back in land tomorrow to check out some Victorian high country action and then over to Eden for a slow pre Christmas crawl up the Sapphire Coast.

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