Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Route update

We're now up to about 11,500 kms. Following the extensive iron bark burnathon at Heathcote Graytown and our Mt Buller post dinner emissions we must now be in the order of several million tonnes of CO2 which we'll plant some trees for when we get back to Dangar.

Something I didn't see in South Australia by the way was any recycling depots. The whole thing is a fking rort. We were counting on the deposits on our beer cans as being a major source of funding for this trip and now whether VJ gets to swim with whale sharks again is up in the air. We have though learned how to get 12c / litre off our fuel. If you're not already doing it (and if you don't have a 90l tank maybe the maths isn't so compelling) the trick is done by shopping at woolies, fueling and showing the woolies receipt at a participating caltex, grab the original 4c off plus get another 4c by getting tobacco or otherwise spending $25 and then, and this is the clincher, you take the fuel receipt to IGA for yet another 4c off when we get beer or wine. By the way I promise I'll quit when Obama gets round to it, but it doesn't count if he gets assassinated.

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