Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some more photos

We are currently camped up in Heathcote-Graytown NP, Vic due to subby weather. We have a whole BBQ/picnic shelter acting as our "entertainment area" while we ride out this cold front before heading for the hills. Pretty good really as none of our stuff gets wet AND Payniac can have a fire - it's the largest iron bark forest in Vic so they are good, hot fires.
I thought I'd add a few more photos from various parts of the trip for your viewing pleasure.
*A fiery sunset in Murray River NP, SA near Berri.

*A silly moment . Trying to keep the flies off and shade my head all at once. Dalhousie Springs, SA

*Inspecting the ancient lake bed now on top of Kings Canyon. Now part of the Kings Canyon (NT) Rim walk, a super 6.5km to walk NOT to be done in the heat of the day.

*The wonderful, the magical, the brilliant sanity saver that is the mozzie dome tent (MDT). Making sandwiches is no longer a race against the flies and it's much easier to drink icy cold beer without a really daggy head net on. Pictured here at a bush camp on the river plains of Owen Springs NP, N.T. Note the use of river rocks for mainting fly free integrity - brilliant!

*Camping on the banks of the mighty River Murray near Berri, SA.

*The beautiful and unnatural Purni Bore in the Simpson Desert.

*Driving in the sand dunes somewhere on the Old Andado track between Mt.Dare, SA and Alice Springs. Magic.

*Full moon setting in the Simspon.

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